Digital fabrication! CNC’d Laser Cut and 3d printed Camera Mount

I needed a plate to mount a USB camera and solid state laser module for my CNC machine.

I thought of having one made in steel and bent to suit the existing mounting holes on the y-car but as the camer and laser are lightweight items I decided to make it from sheet acrylic on the laser cutter and bend it in a CNC mold.

As the camera mount is a little more complicated but smaller, this component is well suited to 3D printing.


Design for all components was done in fusion 360.

The sheet metal function was used to make the acrylic pattern for export to .DXF and laser cutting.

The mold for forming the acrylic was layed out in fusion, tool paths generated and cut on the CNC from filmply birch.

The camera mount exported to .STL and printed on the Prusa Mk3 printer.


As the above components are all made on different machines. I was able to have all machines running at the same time to speed through fabrication.

Heat forming

Once the acrylic was cut out. The acrylic was placed in the toaster oven to soften it up for molding.

The acrylic shrank as the temperature increased and as the heat was not distributed evenly.

Changing tactic. The acrylic was fixed in the mold and a heat gun was used to heat up the corners of the acrylic for bending.

As the bends were heated the screws for the mold were tightened to form the corners tightly.

The 3d printed mount turned out really well. This was bolted to the acrylic component. The laser module was also screwed in to complete the assembly.




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