Hacking on Holiday – Bisamake Makerspace Tour – Kuta, Bali

While on holiday in Bali I was lucky enough to be able to make time to pop into the local makerspace. This is always a rewarding thing to do and I hope to do this kind of thing in future when I am travelling.

bisamake has been operating for one year in Kuta, the tourist capital of Bali. They have a very tidy shop with each discipline setup in its own individual commercial unit.


The space is very well maintained stocked with components and boasts a lot of capability. While visiting, I was lucky enough to be able to have a long conversation on the ins-and-outs of running a makerspace in Bali.


Local making culture

Bali does not seem to have much of a Maker culture the customary handicrafts and artisanal products aside, there is not much interest among the Balinese for technology. This maybe because stem disciplines do not seem to be as highly valued by Balinese cultre.

Poor supply lines

Being on the doorstep to asia doesnt seem to count for much. It seems that Bali does not have much of a reliable postage and freight system so that even though it is within asia there are still vey long delivery times on components. For this reason, Bisamake has established a storefront within their space to provide inventory of components tackling the supply issues.


Cheap Timber

Bali has a big forestry industry and is well know for timber cheap furniture and artesan wood carving very good quality hardwoods are readily available here. Unfortunately the biosecurity controls of New Zealand are so stricked as to effectively block the import of wood products from other countries. If they weren’t I may have had a suitcase full of teak.



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