Parametric CNC workshop organisation mounts and brackets

Organisation is important.

Organisation of shared workspaces is REALLY important.

Why? Keeping track of and finding tools is a pain in the ass. Without a firm organisational system well intentioned members can be forgiven for putting tools back in the wrong place. Other members may be discouraged from attempting it at all.

The hypothesis is that:

having a well organised shadow board will encourage members to put tools back in the right place, quickly allow people to survey the board and determine which tools are missing. And maybe… just maybe… Compel those with a touch of OCD to hunt around for missing tools and complete the board.

For our hackerspace, I recently built a partition wall to help isolate the CNC from the rest of the space for noise and dust. An added benefit of this was that there was a large full length empty wall ready for us to screw hooks and brackets into. Perfect for organising tools.

I was inspired by Mattias wandels approach where he made stand alone brockets brackets for each of his tools (or collections of them) and then screwed them to a backing board making adjustments and remounting as he saw fit. The flexibility and extensibility of this option is immeadiately obvious.

I wanted to design several variants of the tool holders using input parameters so that a few basic designs could be modified to suit tools with similar requirements. EG: the basic design of holding bracket for a set of screw drivers would be essentially the same as a rack for jeweller’s screwdrivers, chisels, files, rasps, punches etc.

Design variants are as follows:

Handle – Two circles separated by an tangential arc or line. Two pieces are offset from eachother to form a lip along the front edge. This edge prevents tools from falling forwards


Rack – A horizontal surface supported by two buttresses. The top surface has holes cut into it to allow tools to slot into.


Spool – A simble beam with two gussets on either side to hold small spools of things. This holder is meant for wire, tape, string and anything else that comes on a roll.

Hook – As the name implies, this component is a hook for supporting odd things.

Pocket – A bracket with a rebate to allow tools to be inserted

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