CNC Build of Mathias Wandle’s Edge Belt Sander

Build Video

Matthias’ Machine

Matthias Wandel is well known in the woodwork community for his youtube channel. He also runs the webpage which he uses to sell plans to his designs.

Matthias has produced a series of woodworking machines made primarily of wood. His youtube videos typically follow his design developement and experimentation process through to the finished product. He provides these designs for a small fee with detailed instructions and sketchup and sometimes AutoCAD models. I have purchased a few of these designs to date.

Many of his designs have complicated parts made from birch ply or use 3/4″ timber boards throughout which make his designs prime for adaptation to CNC.

The design and build of his sanding machine is detailed here on youtube.



Modelling in Fusion 360

For the sander, there was only a sketchup file available. File conversion between sketchup and Fusion360 does not seem to be straightforward if at all possible. As I was also new to Fusion360, the project afforded me the opportunity to practice modelling a complicated structure with multiple parts.

Sub-folders were made for each of the sub-assemblies of the sander. These were:

  • Motor mount
  • Base and guide table
  • The sander body, drums and tracking mechanisms
  • Dust chute

Parts for each of these sub-assemblies were drafted from the plans provided by Matthias. Each of the parts were then imported into a master assembly.


Below are a series of photos showing the process of CNC-ing and assemblng the structure. Everything took half a day! Jobs were done per sub-assembly to keep things managable.


CNC of parts
parts for belt and roller machined
parts cleaned up and edges sanded for assembley
sander frame assembled




Most things slotted together with a little bit of convincing from the mallet.

For the rollers, I had to add screws to connect a few disks together because the glue bonds very poorly to the melamine coating on the outside of the plywood (as it is designed to do). I inserted three screws through a few disks, skipped a few and rotated 60 degrees and did it again for the full width of the roller.


Dust chute from 9mm ply
Motor mount


Using the table saw to true the rear roller – Battery drill drove the shaft to rotate while the table saw trued.
Tensioning and tracking assembly installed
Frame and motor mount together with pulleys fitted to shafts and belt on


Wiring up the motor with E-stop (needs capacitor!)


Assembled – still needs sand belt and rubber on rollers.




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